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How can BDS students learn practical skills? Useful insights by one of the best dental colleges in Gujarat

Bachelor of Dental Surgery or a BDS course is a 5 year long undergraduate degree program where students learn theory and practical knowledge related to dentistry. Throughout the program, students gain a comprehensive understanding of dental theory and practical knowledge. They receive hands-on training from seasoned healthcare and dental surgery professionals. As one of the best dental colleges in Gujarat, we share with you some of the useful insights on how BDS students can learn practical skills:

  1. Clinical training:

BDS students can learn the practical side of dentistry through clinical training. Clinical training is available in healthcare settings such as hospitals, dental clinics, and dental schools, where BDS students receive hands-on experience and guidance from experienced professionals.

The Dental Council of India (DCI) has the authority to regulate the clinical training requirements for BDS courses. Clinical training usually consists of a pre-clinical training followed by the actual clinical training and eventually landing an internship. The pre-clinical training is the phase where students learn to use different equipment related to dental surgery, understand the dental anatomy and prepare dental restorative materials. The main clinical training is the actual practice of dental surgery under close supervision by seniors or licensed professionals.

  1. Laboratory work:

BDS students should focus more on laboratory work to improve skills such as dexterity, precision and perfection in surgery. Laboratory work offers students the opportunity to learn about the different tools and equipment, surgery procedures and techniques. Laboratory work is a great way for students to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use. It also helps to enhance their understanding of different concepts and techniques.

  1. Extracurricular activities:

BDS students can actively participate in different outdoor events that are either organised by their institute or off campus drives. These outdoor activities can include dental camps, community service, volunteer work and health camps organised by non-governmental institutes. This will help BDS students to practise their skills and turn their classroom learning into practical use. When BDS students participate in these events, it boosts their confidence, motivates them to do better, enhances their communication and widens their professional network.

  1. Sharpening their skills:

BDS students can attend seminars, workshops and conferences that will widen their horizon of knowledge and improve their practical skills. Such events help BDS students to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques, advance in their career, and sharpen their skills.

  1. Mentoring programs:

A mentor helps BDS students with suggestions, valuable advice and useful references that enhance their practical knowledge and career prospects. BDS students should enrol in mentoring programs where they can receive in person guidance from the best and experienced professionals in the field of dentistry. Mentors can help students by offering feedback on their performance in laboratories, daily classroom activities and workshops. They can also help students present their papers in seminars. Students can also learn from their mentors by observing and shadowing their techniques. This can help improve their practical skills considerably.  Based on the student’s performance, mentors can refer them to renowned clinics or dental care facilities where they can intern or have a promising career scope in the future.

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