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How can MDS students network better?

For MDS students, networking is important. Firstly, it helps them find better job opportunities and broaden their career prospects. It makes them aware of different job openings and helps them connect with professionals in the field. They also become aware of prestigious internship and research positions. Networking with the right professionals can enhance an MDS student’s scope of gaining a mentor and guide who can help them in their academic or professional journey. While networking it is important to maintain originality, be respectful and demonstrate eagerness to learn and contribute. Networking is a two way process and requires time and effort from both parties. It is also an art. As one of the leading MDS colleges in India, we share with you some of the useful insights on how MDS students can network better:

  1. Attend seminars and conferences:

Seminars and conferences organised by the university or any other institute are a great way to make new connections and exchange new ideas. Seminars are not only a great way to network, but also gives the students an opportunity to learn from experts. Many research institutes and universities organise conferences at national and international levels where the panels consist of eminent personalities and professionals who can offer an in-depth insight into many topics. MDS students can register for seminars where they can present their own research papers. This will attract opinions from different people and professionals. The valuable feedback from these seminars can help students to form an improved conceptual understanding. Post paper presentations and question-answer sessions, students can also have informal conversations with the experts present. This is an ideal opportunity for MDS students to network with professionals in the field. Additionally, seminars and conferences can give students the recognition that is required to boost their career in their field of specialisation. MDS students can attend other gatherings such as lectures, workshops and webinars (online seminars) to acquire more understanding on different surgery techniques, treatment options and best practices. 

  1. Use social media:

MDS students can benefit greatly from social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These platforms are commonly used by both learners and educators in present-day education. For example, LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding job opportunities and connecting with experts in the field. There are also various groups and communities where MDS students can engage with other professionals and gain knowledge about the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Similarly, Facebook can be a helpful platform for MDS students to join support groups and interact with others in their field. These groups may share valuable study materials, updates, and encourage critical thinking through informative discussions.

By establishing new connections and relationships on social media, MDS students can also attract potential students and collaborators to work with. Furthermore, they can use these platforms to share their research work with their connections and gain valuable feedback. Overall, social media can be a useful tool for MDS students to enhance their learning experience and expand their professional network.

  1. Collaborate with other students:

MDS students need to build new relationships and expand their connections and network. This is why educational institutions create scope for group projects, presentation and extracurricular activities. It makes students understand the importance of cooperation and collaboration. It improves their skills of social interaction and coordination.

  1. Volunteer or intern:

MDS students can also volunteer at different organisations such as hospitals, clinics and even health camps. This is primarily advantageous for their career as it increases their professional experience and enhances their skills. Students can also intern at different dental organisations where they can meet other professionals and learn from the best in the healthcare industry.

MDS students who volunteer also get to showcase their theoretical concepts  and improve their academic knowledge. It is an ideal opportunity to apply theoretical learning into practice. Additionally, students can also build harmonious relationships with the seniors, staff and other volunteers in the organisation. Their work might attract the attention of the professionals. With the right referrals and mentorship, it can also help them land impressive jobs in the organisation in the future. 

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