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About Department of Dental Anatomy, Dental Histology and Oral Pathology

Dental Anatomy and Histology is very important as it is the foundation for all clinical subjects. Dental Oral Histology with Embryology is a very important basic science which lays the foundation for all clinical and preclinical subjects. In this department, students are updated with detailed information on development, structure and functions of teeth and surrounding tissues.

It’s a speciality of dentistry that deals with the nature, identification and management of diseases affecting the oral & maxillofacial regions. It is devoted to study of structural and functional changes in cells, tissues and organs that underlie diseases. By the use of molecular, microbiologic, immunologic techniques, pathology attempts to explain the nature of diseases. The success of dental practice rests on quality of diagnosis and treatment planning.

The practice of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology includes research and diagnosis of diseases using clinical radiography, microscopic, biochemical and other examinations.


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Clinical Hematology:

  1. Hemoglobin Estimation
  2. Estimation of Bleeding & clotting Time
  3. Blood Sugar Level Estimation


  1. Biopsy
  2. Cytology


Automatic tissue processor
Semi-automatic microtome
Paraffin wax bath


  • The Karnavati School of Dentistry held a grand celebration in honor of Oral Pathology Day on 25 th February 2023. The celebration featured informative workshops and interactive sessions where students had the opportunity to learn about different diagnostic techniques and examine various oral pathology specimens under the guidance of experienced professionals. Moreover, the event showcased research posters and presentations by the students, showcasing their innovative findings and contributions to the field.
  • CDE workshop on topic “PIX-CELL-SCOPY 2019” conducted by Karnavati School of Dentistry on 3/3/2019 which was attended by Dr. C Nandini, Dr. Nileshwariba, Dr. Stuti Bajaj in Gandhinagar
  • CDE workshop on topic “TMJ and Occlusion – Exploring the Digital way” conducted by Karnavati School of Dentistry on 3/5/2020 which was attended by Dr. C Nandini, Dr. Nileshwariba, Dr. Stuti Bajaj in Gandhinagar.

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